There are 2 forms of happiness.

1) Happy because x happened.

This is an unreliable form of happiness because it is always based on what the external world is telling you or giving you. As soon as conditions around you become unfavorable, you become unhappy.

The second type of happiness is infinitely more powerful.

2) Happiness for no reason.

This form of happiness is actually your natural state and arises only when you begin distancing yourself from the endless stream of stimulation from the external world.

This state can be reached through meditation, deep breathing, closing your eyes or any form of quieting the mind that works for you.

This form of happiness can then be summoned from within at any time, even as you move through the external world. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

This form of happiness connects you to your essence and gives you a natural glow that is palpable.

Choose to actively engage the second form of happiness as often as possible…and you’ll find yourself in a truly fulfilled state, no matter what you’re doing.