A conversation I had today sparked something within me…something that makes me wanna dish out some radical honesty.

For much of my life, I’ve felt extremely overwhelmed by all the possibilities and scenarios that the world has sold me. Like a dog following the ball…wherever the ball went, I’d follow. Emotions can be a motherfucker…and will take you wherever they will, if you let them.

Here’s the problem. I like simple. I like clarity. I like direction. I like making plans and following through. I like accomplishing things I set out to do. I hate not knowing where the hell I’m going (especially when I’m in the driver seat).

Yes there’s a time for relaxing, chilling out and going with the flow.

But there’s always been a passion burning in me that wants release. That wants to be channeled and move through me in a definite direction. That wants to be actualized and manifested.

Oftentimes, I’ve suppressed this urge…this passion…this desire. So much so, that when I finally DO choose to express it, it becomes overwhelming for the people in my life, because they oftentimes can’t emotionally process what I’m sharing.

For those of you who have been directly ‘negatively’ affected by this energy, I am truly sorry and am doing my best to ‘tame the lion’, without sacrificing the potential good that can come of it in the world.

Because honestly…when I give it somewhere definite to go, I am always blown away by how far it takes me.

I’ve swam around in thousands of pools…and walked down plenty of paths.

I’ve seen landscapes & experienced life in ways that people only dream of or see in movies.

I have been extremely blessed in this life.

Whenever I think I can’t handle something, I find a way to.

We all have that within us. I’m sure you’ve survived something you didn’t think you could at the time.

But you did. And you will continue to find ways to survive (until death do us part).

Until I die, I truly believe it is my duty to continue opening up this gateway…and helping those who are open to hearing my passionate message (via social media, over the phone or in person) do the same.

As a coach (and a friend), I believe I am here to assist you in turning the complex into the simple. Not because there is only ONE way…or because I know the right way.

But because I know how overwhelming it is to not know what path to take in life…to get caught up in trying to ‘figure everything out’…feeling paralyzed from the fear of committing to one direction.

If you want my help, what I can offer is to help you look at what’s currently on your plate, narrow down your options and make definite choices between the overwhelming number of options that currently exist in your mind. It’s no easy feat, but I’m up for the challenge.

The cool thing is, no matter what you decide on, it can always be changed. But having some certainty and deciding on a definite path for the time being, is likely exactly what you need to take the next step in your life.

This way, you can have a clear objective in mind, relative sanity and take steps to move forward in the world, down a particular path you resonate with, to keep you committed and moving forward towards your desires.

Please let me know if you wish to bring more potent honesty and clarity into your life, by collaborating with me directly.

If not, I wish you well on your journey…and will be here if you ever wanna run something by me 😉

Cheers and gratitude <3