I’m always amazed by what I’ll call ‘the movie phenomenon’.It’s when you watch a movie and you literally feel like you are the character in the movie. It’s incredibly visceral, but only lasts for a few minutes to a few hours after the movie.

Now…what do you think would happen if you watched the same movie every day?

Do you think you’d start talking, walking and acting like that character in your day-to-day?

Now let’s take that concept and move it in a direction that’s a bit more practical & useful…

What if you listened to your favorite entrepreneurs, speakers and role models…every single day?

Do you think you might start to talk, move & act like them?

As a result, do you think you’d start progressing forward in life, in a similar direction?

Would your results in life change as a result of immersing yourself in the process of modeling your ‘role models’?

Who would you wanna be like if you knew you could ‘be like _______’?

I’m led to believe that this is pure magic sauce.

Learning from mentors you admire + aligned action towards your goals = the lubrication to skyrocket results in life.

Monkey see, monkey do…modeling is powerful. ‪#‎webecomewhatwethinkabout‬ ‪#‎brainwashyourself‬