Upon graduating from Penn State in 2009, Jomo was at a crossroads, facing the following decision…

  1. Take the ‘typical’ path, get a career in marketing and climb the corporate ladder…OR…
  2. Take the ‘path less traveled’, explore the world of entrepreneurship and follow his true passions and desires in life

The Path Less Traveled

Much to the shegrin of Jomo’s family and friends, Jomo decided to choose option 2…and hasn’t looked back since.

Over the last 6 years, Jomo has become known as a travel-loving, thrill-seeking, inspirational video blogger. Through his videos, he has consistently shared personal experiences with his viewers, encouraging them to create a bigger vision for their lives…to live the most exciting & authentic life possible.

6 years and 1000+ videos later, after traveling the country, building an online following, attending business conferences and networking with entrepreneurs all over the world, Jomo now has a wealth of business building, marketing and promotional experience under his belt.

Jomo Climbing Mountain

Jomo currently resides in Phoenix, AZ and focused on serving entrepreneurs whose aim is to make a transformational difference in the world.

His current interests and hobbies include dance, yoga, meditation, qi gong, bowling, tennis, basketball, video blogging, marketing, personal growth and psychology.

As a life-long learner, Jomo loves exploring opportunities to make a sustainable impact on the planet.

If you have a proposal or would like to work with Jomo, the best way to reach him is through email: jomo6622@gmail.com