The 21-Day Dance Challenge

For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED to dance.

The 21-Day Ecstatic Dance Challenge

From Bar Mitzvah’s, to weddings, to school dances, to night clubs, to concerts, to dance classes…I’ve shed tears, I’ve bled and sweat my ass off on the dance floor.

Dance has healed me of past traumas, stagnant energy and damaging thought-loops.

Dance has helped me align my body, mind & soul…time and time again.

And most importantly, dance has consistently served to remind me of what I really want out of life.

I am so grateful for all that dance has taught me about myself thus far on my journey…and how deep I’ve been able to go with the practice.

But I know I have only just begun to see how far it can take me…

At the end of 2015, I reached a significant crossroads in my life. After living on my own in Phoenix, AZ for 1 full year (the longest I’ve lived anywhere on my own), I began to feel absolutely…unequivically…empty.

The work I was doing felt meaningless and devoid of purpose. As a result, I felt purposeless…which bled into my psyche and the way I was showing up in the world.

For the first time in my life, I felt I had to fake smile every single day, or else I’d get fired.

One of the hardest parts for me was that nobody seemed to notice.

I couldn’t look myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed about who I’d become.

It all came to a crashing halt when I became physically ill for 2 weeks. I was ‘fired’ from the contract job I was working.

I didn’t know where to turn. I had nowhere to run. I had no clue how to feel better.

I turned to movies. Didn’t help.

I turned to food. Didn’t help.

I turned to sex. Didn’t help.

And even though I had spent years sober, I even turned to alcohol…thinking that drinking wine would make me ‘more creative’.

Didn’t help.

I worked harder and attempted to make more money. Didn’t help.

The running question in the back of my mind was… ‘Will I ever actually FEEL GOOD again?’

While these experiments were failing, I did find a few things that DID seem to work.

When I would dance, write, exercise, video blog or speak with friends…I would always feel uplifted afterwards.

Like something was actually shifting inside of me.

Like I was activating the part of me I had been calling out for.

I began to notice a pattern emerging.

I realized that EVERY SINGLE form of external stimulation I attempted to consume to make myself feel better…NEVER lasted or felt fulfilling…while every form of authentic self-expression, was the nectar I was seeking.

The formula seemed simple.

Consume less. Create and engage in self-expressive activities more.

I’m a firm believer in ‘doubling down on what’s working’.

So I looked at what was working in my life and asked myself ‘How can I merge all of my favorite ‘self-expression activities’ into one?’

The answer that came to me, evolved into what I’m now calling ‘The 21-Day Ecstatic Dance Challenge’.

The passion I have for this project has already begun to transform lives around the world.


Here are some testimonials from the first few days of the challenge…

Testimonials Day 1 Part 2

Testimonials Day 1

“Felt alot of stagnation leaving my body and an inflow of life force to replace it. Form of meditation and praise. My joints are more flexible, and my balance seems improved.” – Myrlene S.

“JoMo!!!! I so enjoyed dancing with you this morning! What a way to start my day 🙂 ” – Karen R.


Why I Love The Dance Challenge

Briefly, I’d like to touch upon WHY I love this idea so much and why I think I’ve had so much passion for it thus far…

For the last few years, I’ve had the desire to bring a consistent dance practice into my life. I’ve had an inner knowing that if I dance every morning, my life would transform extremely quickly.

However, I would often buy into excuses like ‘I don’t have the time to dance today’ or ‘I don’t feel like dancing today.’

I FINALLY asked myself “Since I know dance is so beneficial, how can I keep myself accountable to do it every day?”

I tend to follow the axiom ‘Know thyself’…and knowing myself, I knew I had to make it public.

I trusted that publicly choosing to take on a daily dance practice would push me to stay committed…and guide me forward through to the next chapter in my life.

“But what if I could go beyond just doing the challenge myself…and bring others along on the journey with me?”

This is what inspired the first day of the 21-Day Dance Challenge, which began on January 25th, 2016…and I’ve been rolling with it ever since.

As I’ve begun to facilitate a free online dance experience every morning, I’m falling deeper in love with the practice. It’s cracking my life open…and I’m truly beginning to make the type of difference I’ve always wanted to create.


A Call to Dance

If this message has resonated with you, I invite you to join us tomorrow morning for your first day of the challenge, regardless of what ‘official’ day in the challenge it is…

If you’re looking for a change in your life, but don’t know where to start, dance is a beautiful pathway to discover more.

If you know what you want, but need some courage to take the next leap, dance will serve to give you that extra OOMPH.

And even if you don’t know HOW to dance, don’t sweat it. You’ll be in the privacy of your own home…and most importantly, you will begin to learn how your body WANTS to dance…which, in my opinion, is one of the coolest parts 😉

The next few weeks have the potential to be some of the most healing, freeing days of your life thus far.

So are you in?

If YES, follow these steps…

1) Request to join The 21-Day Ecstatic Dance Challenge Facebook Group and when you’re accepted, let us know why you’re excited to start dancing every day.
2) Head to my Facebook wall at 9 AM MST tomorrow.
3) Press PLAY, tune in and let’s dance!

See you on the virtual dance floor 🙂

With Love,

PS We just finished ROUND 2 of the 21-Day Dance Challenge…here’s the recording from the Season Finale…

SEASON FINALE! Today was Day 21 of the 21-Day Dance Challenge…and we had an ABSOLUTE BLAST! Enjoy the recording below… ;)#DanceParty #21DayDanceChallengePS If you enjoyed this, stay in the loop for future Dance Challenges through the FB group @

Posted by Jordan 'Jomo' Molotsky on Sunday, March 6, 2016


PSS You can catch all the recordings from every day so far, inside of the The 21 Day Ecstatic Dance Challenge Facebook Group…

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