The Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Here are the rules to the ’3 step choose your own adventure to win at any game you wanna win at…game’… 1) Choose what game you wanna play. 2) Invest your time, money or both in those who already know how to win that game. -> After enough time has passed to assess if the […]

The 2 Forms of Happiness

There are 2 forms of happiness. 1) Happy because x happened. This is an unreliable form of happiness because it is always based on what the external world is telling you or giving you. As soon as conditions around you become unfavorable, you become unhappy. The second type of happiness is infinitely more powerful. 2) […]

Letting Go of Emotional Attachments…

As human beings, we have a tendency to become emotionally attached to that which nourishes, sustains or validates us… Emotional attachments are a result of continual thoughts about a certain person or group that ‘spoon-fed’ us in some way…and is contingent upon the belief that the more we entertain thoughts of them, the longer they […]