The 2 Forms of Happiness

There are 2 forms of happiness. 1) Happy because x happened. This is an unreliable form of happiness because it is always based on what the external world is telling you or giving you. As soon as conditions around you become unfavorable, you become unhappy. The second type of happiness is infinitely more powerful. 2) […]

Notes From Life – May 25th, 2014


For a while I judged religion because I believed it was ‘dogmatic’… Little did I realize that when I got really into ‘spirituality’ and ‘personal development’, I was simply jumping from one series of dogmatic principles to another… But when I step back from it all, and look at what these teachings inherently are…I recognize […]

Letting Go of Emotional Attachments


As human beings, we have a tendency to become emotionally attached to that which nourishes, sustains or validates us… Emotional attachments are a result of continual thoughts about a certain person or group that ‘spoon-fed’ us in some way…and is contingent upon the belief that the more we entertain thoughts of them, the longer they […]

Life Wisdom From Michael Jordan (Inspirational Video)


Something I’ve loved noticing in the recent past is that the more I evolve as a human being and work on my inner game, the more my outer game (in various sports and activities) seems to drastically improve… Basketball is certainly one of those sports that I notice myself consistently getting better at… When I […]

Inspiration From Gabrielle Roth


Today, I’d like to share a few quotes I came across tonight from the founder of 5Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth… 5Rhythms ( has been a tremendous blessing in my life recently…and I look forward to continuing down the dancing path… These quotes struck me as deep truths that I have come to know as I’ve gone […]

The Importance of Selective Hearing For Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to create the space to focus on accomplishing what needs to get done to progress your business forward, every single day… For YEARS I struggled to find the time & space where I could be totally focused…oftentimes burning the midnight oil because it felt like it was the […]

Healing Mantras With Deva Premal and Miten (LIVE Concert Recording)


Over the last few days, I’ve been getting back into blogging and sharing my Yang side… What I love so much about being a blogger is the freedom it gives me to express both my Yin and Yang sides… Something that’s been keeping me balanced while outwardly pursuing my dreams is listening to mantra chants […]

How to Get What You Want…100% of the Time…Every Time…

From Point A to Point B

Have you ever asked a question and within a few minutes, received the answer? Now imagine you knew EXACTLY what you wanted and asked the right questions… Would there be anything stopping you from receiving what you want if you took the actions necessary to achieve that desire? Allow this ‘affirmation’ to be your roadmap […]