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Breaking Through to Freedom

I’ve been a bit MIA online over the last month. I’ve posted a few interesting quotes and links on social media here and there, but for the most part, I’ve been relatively quiet.

There’s a reason for this… 

Around 30 days ago, I had reached the lowest rock bottom point in my life. It was an extremely deceptive rock bottom, in that not many people around me could even tell. If you were watching my 21-Day Dance Challenge videos, this might even come as a shock to you.

Over the years, I’ve gotten really good at hiding my feelings…smiling on the outside, no matter how much pain I felt on the inside. I did this because I felt I had no other choice. 

At the time, I was working 3 jobs…and if I were to show up to any of them how I ACTUALLY felt, I would’ve been fired on the spot. Ironically, I ended up firing myself from 2 of those jobs, when I felt I just could not fake it any longer. In essence, my honesty with myself dug me in an even bigger hole.

Strangely enough though, what transpired over the next 4 weeks would prove to completely re-shape my outlook on life…and shift ALL of my priorities. This has helped me see that both of those jobs were slowly, but surely, sucking the life out of me. 

In retrospect, walking away was the best thing I could’ve possibly done, although at the time, it felt absolutely terrifying, especially without a clear PLAN B.

I just knew that change was necessary…and trusted that I would find my way, by FIRST walking away and wiping the slate clean.

…and wipe the slate clean I did.

Without going into all the juicy details here and now…over the last month, I’ve let go of every single business venture, job, relationship and food that I discovered was holding me back.


A glimpse into how I’ve begun to clean up my diet…


‘Taking out the trash’ (literally and metaphorically) has never been so fast and never felt so freeing.

With a tremendously clean & clear body, mind & spirit, I was able to re-connect with my higher purpose in life. From that space, I was able to spot a perfectly aligned opportunity that I believe is poised to change millions of lives over the next 10+ years.

I can say with utmost confidence, that I finally feel I am walking down a path aligned with my higher purpose of global sustainability…creating Heaven on Earth…and long-term freedom & abundance for all. 

I am focused. I am committed. I am determined to help heal the planet while assisting millions in accomplishing their life missions.

I am equipping myself with the necessary tools, knowledge and resources necessary to begin actualizing these visions…

But I know for certain, I can’t do it alone. I can’t do it without the help of a committed group of visionaries and action-takers. 

As Margaret Mead once said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We have quite the fun & exciting journey ahead of us…and I am absolutely STOKED to share it with you. Imagine having the ability to travel the world, while making a difference for thousands of families and helping to eradicate the NUMBER 1 threat to our planet today.

This is just scratching the surface.

It’s gonna be one wild ride 😉

If you’re ready for a FRESH START in life…and would like to join me on this mission, comment below ‘FILL ME IN’. 

I’ll then private message you more info on the opportunity to partner with me to lay the foundation for what’s to come as we move towards global sustainability as a species.

At that point, you can decide whether this path is right for you.

So be sure to comment ‘FILL ME IN’ below, if you’re interested in learning more.

Speak soon, my friend… <3

– Jomo –

What You Focus On, Expands…

Watched ‘The Matrix’ last night for the first time in a really long time. 
Love seeing old things with new eyes. Always amazing to revisit & go deeper down the rabbit hole of my own psyche. 
Biggest takeaway: your focus is your true source of power. 

Reminded of how naturally distracting this reality can be if we allow ourselves to focus on the things that rob us of our joy. 

If you’d like to walk the path of freedom and fulfillment, it starts with awareness of what brings you joy…and then simply choosing to schedule those activities into your life, more & more every day.

Think back over your lifetime. In the comments below, let me know…

What activities have brought you the biggest sense of freedom & joy?

Livestream of Consciousness (2/25/16)

Tonight, I had an absolute blast testing out & using the YouTube Live platform for the very first time.

You can catch the recording HERE

Enjoy 😃

– Jomo –

Monkey See, Monkey Do…

I’m always amazed by what I’ll call ‘the movie phenomenon’.It’s when you watch a movie and you literally feel like you are the character in the movie. It’s incredibly visceral, but only lasts for a few minutes to a few hours after the movie.

Now…what do you think would happen if you watched the same movie every day?

Do you think you’d start talking, walking and acting like that character in your day-to-day?

Now let’s take that concept and move it in a direction that’s a bit more practical & useful…

What if you listened to your favorite entrepreneurs, speakers and role models…every single day?

Do you think you might start to talk, move & act like them?

As a result, do you think you’d start progressing forward in life, in a similar direction?

Would your results in life change as a result of immersing yourself in the process of modeling your ‘role models’?

Who would you wanna be like if you knew you could ‘be like _______’?

I’m led to believe that this is pure magic sauce.

Learning from mentors you admire + aligned action towards your goals = the lubrication to skyrocket results in life.

Monkey see, monkey do…modeling is powerful. ‪#‎webecomewhatwethinkabout‬ ‪#‎brainwashyourself‬

The Only Constant is Change

We live in a world where anything is possible, yet wars are fought fighting to keep things as they are. Change & evolution are the only things that are inevitable. Attempting to keep things ‘as they are’ is fighting against the nature of the momentum of reality. Any action that resists change is an act of war. 

Paradoxically, without rules & creating structures & frameworks to keep things relatively ‘safe’, the chaos would likely be overwhelming.

Live in acceptance of the paradox…that nothing can be permanently gained or lost…all is gained and then lost. 

The only ‘solution’ I’ve found thus far is to individually roll with the flow of change…and to strategically structure your life in a way that meets your fundamental needs & brings you a deep sense of freedom/peace during the short time you have here 🙂

Radical Honesty…

A conversation I had today sparked something within me…something that makes me wanna dish out some radical honesty.

For much of my life, I’ve felt extremely overwhelmed by all the possibilities and scenarios that the world has sold me. Like a dog following the ball…wherever the ball went, I’d follow. Emotions can be a motherfucker…and will take you wherever they will, if you let them.

Here’s the problem. I like simple. I like clarity. I like direction. I like making plans and following through. I like accomplishing things I set out to do. I hate not knowing where the hell I’m going (especially when I’m in the driver seat).

Yes there’s a time for relaxing, chilling out and going with the flow.

But there’s always been a passion burning in me that wants release. That wants to be channeled and move through me in a definite direction. That wants to be actualized and manifested.

Oftentimes, I’ve suppressed this urge…this passion…this desire. So much so, that when I finally DO choose to express it, it becomes overwhelming for the people in my life, because they oftentimes can’t emotionally process what I’m sharing.

For those of you who have been directly ‘negatively’ affected by this energy, I am truly sorry and am doing my best to ‘tame the lion’, without sacrificing the potential good that can come of it in the world.

Because honestly…when I give it somewhere definite to go, I am always blown away by how far it takes me.

I’ve swam around in thousands of pools…and walked down plenty of paths.

I’ve seen landscapes & experienced life in ways that people only dream of or see in movies.

I have been extremely blessed in this life.

Whenever I think I can’t handle something, I find a way to.

We all have that within us. I’m sure you’ve survived something you didn’t think you could at the time.

But you did. And you will continue to find ways to survive (until death do us part).

Until I die, I truly believe it is my duty to continue opening up this gateway…and helping those who are open to hearing my passionate message (via social media, over the phone or in person) do the same.

As a coach (and a friend), I believe I am here to assist you in turning the complex into the simple. Not because there is only ONE way…or because I know the right way.

But because I know how overwhelming it is to not know what path to take in life…to get caught up in trying to ‘figure everything out’…feeling paralyzed from the fear of committing to one direction.

If you want my help, what I can offer is to help you look at what’s currently on your plate, narrow down your options and make definite choices between the overwhelming number of options that currently exist in your mind. It’s no easy feat, but I’m up for the challenge.

The cool thing is, no matter what you decide on, it can always be changed. But having some certainty and deciding on a definite path for the time being, is likely exactly what you need to take the next step in your life.

This way, you can have a clear objective in mind, relative sanity and take steps to move forward in the world, down a particular path you resonate with, to keep you committed and moving forward towards your desires.

Please let me know if you wish to bring more potent honesty and clarity into your life, by collaborating with me directly.

If not, I wish you well on your journey…and will be here if you ever wanna run something by me 😉

Cheers and gratitude <3

The Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Here are the rules to the ’3 step choose your own adventure to win at any game you wanna win at…game’…

1) Choose what game you wanna play.

2) Invest your time, money or both in those who already know how to win that game.

-> After enough time has passed to assess if the game is something you REALLY wanna invest your energy into, you have a decision to make…should I stay or should I go…

Choice A – Stay and continue playing the game (Further down the rabbit hole)

Choice B – Move onto another game (Jump to a new rabbit hole)

3) Continue onward with the game you’ve chosen…and remember that the longer you play one particular game, the better you get at it.

The question at this point is simple…

What game do you REALLY wanna get good at?

Now that you’ve decided…go get it 😉

The 2 Forms of Happiness

There are 2 forms of happiness.

1) Happy because x happened.

This is an unreliable form of happiness because it is always based on what the external world is telling you or giving you. As soon as conditions around you become unfavorable, you become unhappy.

The second type of happiness is infinitely more powerful.

2) Happiness for no reason.

This form of happiness is actually your natural state and arises only when you begin distancing yourself from the endless stream of stimulation from the external world.

This state can be reached through meditation, deep breathing, closing your eyes or any form of quieting the mind that works for you.

This form of happiness can then be summoned from within at any time, even as you move through the external world. The more you practice, the easier it gets.

This form of happiness connects you to your essence and gives you a natural glow that is palpable.

Choose to actively engage the second form of happiness as often as possible…and you’ll find yourself in a truly fulfilled state, no matter what you’re doing.

Letting Go of Emotional Attachments…

As human beings, we have a tendency to become emotionally attached to that which nourishes, sustains or validates us…

Emotional attachments are a result of continual thoughts about a certain person or group that ‘spoon-fed’ us in some way…and is contingent upon the belief that the more we entertain thoughts of them, the longer they will stay alive in our minds and give us what we’ve come to expect them to give us…

The trouble with these mental-emotional attachments is that the more we have, the less ‘mental space’ (which translates into free time) we have to pursue the things that really matter to us.

In essence, these attachments rob us of our mental energy, our ability to think clearly and our ability to make intelligent decisions in the moment.

So the question likely becomes…’How do I reduce my emotional attachments to create a greater sense of space & freedom in my life?’

The simple answer: find a way to limit the number of people you depend upon for your sustenance.

By making a conscious decision to do this, and by minimizing the amount you need in life to feel happy & fulfilled, you limit the number of emotional attachments, thus exponentially increasing the free time you have to do as you please…

The more people and things that you’re attached to, the more emotional you become with every action you take, because your mind is clouded with emotions…and therefore, the more you will find yourself feeling you have to defend yourself and all of the stories you’re telling yourself, in order to survive.

This becomes a never ending, vicious cycle.

The simplest way to break the cycle and decrease your emotional attachments is to minimize what you believe are YOUR possessions…

The fastest way that I’ve found to do this is through selling/donating material objects, fulfilling on previously agreed upon obligations to others and letting go of friends who no longer serve you in a healthy way…

Every day, ask yourself ‘What can I accomplish or let go of today that is draining me of my ability to enjoy my life?’

Then, get down to the basics…

What do you want and what are you willing to do to obtain it?

Take it day by day…and everything else will fall into place…

Dogma or Self-Created Ideology?

For a while I judged religion because I believed it was ‘dogmatic’…

Little did I realize that when I got really into ‘spirituality’ and ‘personal development’, I was simply jumping from one series of dogmatic principles to another…

But when I step back from it all, and look at what these teachings inherently are…I recognize that all teachings are simply this…

Words poetically joined together in an attempt to make sense of life.

Said in another way…

Teachings paint a picture of one possible meaning of life.

The ‘student’ then observes all the ‘paintings’ as if walking through an art gallery…sorting through ‘teachings’ until he finds one that gives him a sense of peace, comfort and purpose…

Once he has located & chosen to give one particular painting power, it can be said that he has found a temporary ‘interpretation of life’ to cling to…

Until, of course, he moves onto the next painting…

And such is life…moving from one painting or ‘lesson’ to the next…

Now, if you understand what I’ve shared thus far, you can see that all religious or spiritual teachings are not inherently right or wrong…but are presented to either be accepted or rejected by the individual…

So the ‘paintings’ (religions, groups, cults, etc) are never the source of power, but one’s choice to focus on and believe in a particular teaching, is…

Yes, each principle does have a time and place…but once they are no longer useful, they must be abandoned…

The quicker one can ‘move through’ or ‘process’ a principle, the more ‘free flowing’ that individual can be…

And conversely, the longer one clings to a principle, the more inflexible & stagnant that individual becomes…

Thus, ‘dogma’ is only the result of prolonged belief in a single idea…let go of believing things when they cease to be useful, you let go of any chance of buying into dogma…

In conclusion, there isn’t ONE meaning of your life…only the meaning you choose to give it (the painting you are focused on) in any given moment…

Strip all beliefs away and you’ll get a blank canvas…

Now…what do you wanna paint?